White goods and fridge collection

Our furniture re-use project is also set up to undertake a fridge collection service and reuse white goods in Cirencester. We get many requests from local families and referral agencies for white goods, however, at the moment our supply does not always keep up with the demand.

Which white goods can we take?

We currently offer a fridge collection service as well as freezers and fridge freezers. At the moment, however, we cannot take in washing machines or cookers. This is due to washing machines and cookers require a next level testing facility which we do not have at the moment. However, we are working on this and hope to be set up soon to take in washing machines and cookers.

What condition do fridges and freezers need to be in?

They will need to be in full working order and no more than 10 years old. We understand there may be some cosmetic damage to some white goods which is fine, however, they do need to be in full working order. This is because we are not able to repair any refrigeration goods, we are qualified to do all the necessary safety checks on all our white goods, however we cannot carry out repairs on any white goods which don’t work, so, therefore, they cannot be used for our project which means we will not be able to collect them.    

What happens with fridges and freezers after collection?

Once the white goods arrive back at our warehouse we do all necessary safety PAT and function checks on them before we distribute them out to our families. We get many requests for white goods from our clients, especially fridge freezers as space is often at a premium in their homes. Since we started distributing white goods last year we have re-used over 130 items. That is 130 items not sent to landfill and many families receiving much-needed items. We have trained up one of our former apprentices in PAT testing and hope to be able to up-skill more of our staff in this area. This provides them with a universally acknowledged qualification which for many of our staff is a first and a great achievement.

What to do before collection

Once we have booked in a fridge collection, please ensure they are are defrosted and all food is removed before our drivers arrive. If you are able to give them a clean before switching them off that would be a great help! However, they will be cleaned once they have arrived at our warehouse.

Please do not leave white goods outside, even if they are under cover. If any white goods have been left outside overnight we will unfortunately not be unable to collect and use the items as we cannot guarantee the electrical safety of the item. Our drivers will collect from your house, or if you would prefer can collect from your garage.

Fridge collection service costs?

If you live in Cirencester and have any white goods you would like to recycle, our fridge collection service is completely FREE!