The difference your furniture donation makes

cirencester furniturebank - The difference your furniture donation makes

Since we started two years ago we have hundreds of stories of people we have been able to help due to the generosity of our donors and their furniture donation. These are a few examples (all names have been changed)

Furniture donation help families fleeing domestic violence…

Jane and her son Tim who were living in the Stroud Woman’s Refuge.

“Mid 2015 Tim and I left everything, our home, our photos, our toys, our garden, our pets, our clothes, our car, shoes, everything I had worked so hard to keep together.  We moved into the Beresford Refuge in Stroud, Tim cried to sleep in my arms most nights, he was only just gone 2.

It took just over 4 months for us to be re-homed.  We got the keys to our home, within 4 weeks I was working 16hrs a week, Tim was settled into a nursery. I came to see you guys once we had the keys, we didn’t have a piece of furniture, and it was so stressful. Worrying about where we would sleep, what we would sit on. Most of all I worried about it all unsettling Tim.  My worries were soon put to rest, thanks to you. I came with Tim to come and look at the beds, that day thanks to the instalment option I was able to get a sofa, Tim’s bed, my bed, coffee table and duvets for the two of us.

Over the year I have furnished our whole home at a cost I can afford, working and being on a low income can be tough, you guys have made having a nice home to be proud of accessible, I really don’t know what I would have done without you all and the kind furniture donation – I don’t think people realise just how much joy they are giving to those who need it.”

Furniture donation help people find jobs…

James our very first employee and apprentice.

We met James just after we had first opened and were needing help running the project. He applied for the business administration apprenticeship we were offering. His enthusiasm impressed us in his interview and he was offered the job. When he first joined us, he would not look anyone in the eye and had never had a full-time job. He had not been able to complete his education and since then had not been able to hold down a long- term job.

His job is to process the furniture donations. He completed his year-long apprenticeship and moved to a full-time job with us. He has grown with us as we have expanded and has had the ability to learn new skills, both at work, but also vital skills to use outside of work. He’s now responsible for our white goods and has been trained up and received a qualification in PAT testing which is required for each electrical item we re-use.  

Previously he and his family had been using the local Foodbank and Kids’ Stuff charity due to a lack of income and jobs. However, now James has had a full-time job for two years and no longer needs to use the Foodbank. Our aim is to create more life-changing job opportunities like this.

Furniture donation help people on low incomes…

Mandy’s story

Mandy was referred to us via the Marah Trust. She had a flat in Stroud but she needed a new bed as her current bed was in bad condition and was not fit for purpose. She couldn’t afford a lot of money and saving up £100 for even a second-hand bed would have taken a long time. Her options were either to go to Bright House where she could pay weekly or make do with the broken bed. Instead, we were able to deliver a bed for £30 with her referrer paying half the cost and Mandy paying the other half. This support has ensured Mandy is not tied into a debt with Bright House or had to use another short-term money lending to enable her to have a comfortable and functional bed.

Furniture donation help refugees fleeing war torn lands…

Syrian Refugee Families.-

Since 2015 the UK has been housing refugees from Syria. These families are fleeing their country with minimal possessions and absolutely no furniture. After fleeing Syria, they have been living in the refugee camps in Lebanon before being housed in the UK. They are being moved to houses within the Stroud District and Cirencester. We have been able to support these families and ensure their new homes are fully furnished before they arrive into the UK. As well as providing furniture we have been able to provide a food welcome pack and necessary kid’s items. Our aim is to help make their new house a home and help them make a smooth transition into their new British life.


These are only a few stories of how your furniture donation has helped local people living in our District. People can donate their unwanted furniture knowing what a difference it will make to the families we support and also create life-changing opportunities for our staff.